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Divination is a practice of seeking guidance.


There are a variety of tools that can be used in divinatory practices, including tarot and runes.


Divination is not fortune telling. Divination provides a projection of what will happen based on current circumstances and the path that one is currently on. It does not provide a definitive answer for what will happen in the future but instead an indication of what is and what will be if circumstances remain as they are.  

History of Tarot

Tarot cards date back to the 15th century where they were used as playing cards in Italy. They were used to play games such as tarocchi. 

While during the medieval period tarot cards were used for games, by the late 18th century tarot cards began being used for divinatory purposes.

The most influential deck, the Rider-Waite deck, was published in 1909. This deck was created based on the instructions of A.E Waite and illustrations of Pamela Coleman Smith who were both members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. 

History of Nordic Runes

Developed by Germanic tribes, runes were used for communication purposes prior to the adoption of the Latin alphabet.

There is a lack of extensive historical knowledge about the use of runes for divination. However, Roman sources from the 1st century provides the earilest reference for runes being used for divination.

Nordic sagas also provide depictions of runes being used for divination. The poem Hávamál recounts Odin hanging from the tree of life,Yggdrasil, for five days in order attain knowledge about runes.

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