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  • What are the differences between an email reading compared to an in-person/phone reading
    Email readings allow you to access your reading in your own time. It means that you do not need to schedule a time to have a reading done and that you can save your reading to access it indefinitely. However, it is recommended that once you receive and access your reading you reflect on it by journaling, mediating or any other practice you may feel necessary.
  • Part of my reading I received is unclear
    You can contact us referencing your reading number through the contact section of the website to clarify anything that is unclear. This relates to the reading you have received by email, you cannot ask another question that will require another reading.
  • What payment options are available?
    Currently, we only offer PayPal as a payment option. Paypal is a safe and secure payment since all transactions are protected by advanced data encryption.
  • What questions are suitable for a reading
    Questions that are suitable for a reading -Open-ended questions, this allows for the tarot and runes to provide greater insight. -Questions focused around yourself, asking questions about someone else is an invasion of their privacy Questions that are not suitable for a reading include: -Yes/No questions -Questions that you do not want to be answered or are not ready to hear the answer -Specific health or medical diagnostic questions - Future predicting questions, readings are designed to provide guidance they do not predict the future. Please refer to our disclaimer page for legal liability regarding readings If you are unsure if your question is suitable for a reading please submit an inquire via the contact page on this website.
  • How will I receive my reading?
    You will receive your reading by email on the date you have selected. You will receive an attached PDF document to the email which will contain your reading.
  • I didn't recieve my reading by the specified date I selected
    Please check to ensure that your reading has not gone to your junk in your inbox. If you have checked this first and you have still not received your reading, please get in touch with us through the contact section of the website.
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